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Thank you for checking out the new opportunities to join the Trustify family.

That's right; we said, family. Should you continue, we promise to treat you as if you are applying to become a member of our family. That is because you will be. You are not just another "candidate," and this is not just another "job." What we do here shines light unto the darkness and uplifts the most vulnerable of the population.

As the founders of Trustify, Jen and I have made truth, trust, and safety our life's mission. Jen spent her career fighting child trafficking, foster care abuse, adoption fraud and other evils commonly inflicted on children domestically and abroad. She did this both from the trenches as well as through helping ratify the Hague Convention through advocacy and regulatory work on Capitol Hill. Danny grew up surviving a childhood of abuse that looked much like the children Jen has worked so hard to help. He also served as an EIR to US Health & Human Services working to stop fraud among the elderly.

When we got married several years ago and subsequently grew our family to 5 children, we discerned a divine calling to use our God-given gifts and resources to make an impact.

It is out of this clarity of purpose that Trustify was born.

It is the members of the Trustify family that make this a reality. Together, we save lives. These lives depend on our ability to attract and retain the right kind of person.

To attract and retain real heroes who seek to improve lives of the most vulnerable have very deliberately created a culture and infrastructure for our people that consist of these qualities:

  • A company run by a married couple with five children. We believe in family.
  • A predominantly female staff (70/30 female to male ratio).
  • A diverse staff where 40% self-identify as an ethnic minority in addition to the gender and age diversification we realize.
  • Company-sponsored volunteer days where you spend 8 hours on the company's charitable endeavors outside the office, and you receive an additional 8 hours in addition to your typical PTO to apply to outside philanthropic efforts.
  • Nursing mother and wellness rooms throughout the office.
  • Adoption benefits including a stipend towards adopting a child placed for adoption.
  • The opportunity to uplift, empower, inspire and save lives within the most vulnerable of our population. We break up sex trafficking rings, help opioid addicts, free domestic violence survivors, catch cyber predators, and exonerate the wrongfully convicted.

We know that you can apply and work anywhere. We will feel blessed if you should choose to give your precious time to Trustify.

Should you take the time to express interest in any of the roles below, we promise you that we will stay true to the values and principles that we founded Trustify upon throughout this hiring process. Specifically:

  • We will be entirely honest and transparent during the hiring process. If we don't believe we can provide something that you need, then we will say so. If we don't think that this is going to be an ideal fit, then we will say so quickly, directly and transparently.
  • We will move quickly. We will set dates and times in as near a term as humanly possible. We will give yes or no decisions as promptly as we can at each step in the process.
  • We will show you the real deal Trustify and the true selves of those you meet. After all, you are interviewing us as much as we are interviewing you. Successful relationships are two-way.
  • We promise that If we don't agree with something you say, we will respectfully say so and explain our point of view. We hope that you will do the same. Disagreeing is never an acceptable reason for walking away. In fact, we encourage healthy disagreements and dialogue here. So long as everyone can go out for a coffee or a drink afterward with a smile on their faces. As only family can.

We pray you give us the opportunity to transparently answer any questions that you may have about Trustify or any specific role that jumps out at you. We thank you again for the time you took to peruse our site.

Peace and blessings,

Jennifer Mellon & Danny Boice

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